Why train at the CRHMR?

Since the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital Research Centre was created, it has received and trained hundreds of students and postdoctorate research investigators. As full members of a given team, there are currently 120 young scientists who are being trained under the supervision of highly-qualified research investigators.

Research Directors with Experience
A Complete Training Experience 
A Rapidly-Growing Centre
A Technically-Advanced Environment
An Active Student Life

Research Directors with Experience

Each student is supervised by a research director who makes sure that the student acquires a work method, analytical abilities, and the skills and knowledge that will enable the student to continue pursuing higher learning or to begin a career of great aspirations.
CRHMR research investigators are affiliated with different departments of the University of Montreal:

  • Biochemistry,
  • Microbiology and Immunology,
  • Pharmacology,
  • Pathology and Cellular Biology,
  • Medicine,
  • Molecular Biology,
  • Biomedical Engineering,
  • Public Health,
  • Epidemiology.


A Complete Training Experience

Further to daily discussions with other scientists of the Centre’s and your research director, the CRHMR provides you with the opportunity to meet leading scientific experts during weekly conference events.

With the support of your research director, you will be able to attend conferences and symposiums related to your research project.

In addition to this, students also host weekly presentation events for the entire research body on projects that are under way. These are opportunities for developing the CRHMR’s vision for cross-disciplinary and joint research. Delivering presentations also enables students to learn the art of scientific communication, an important aspect of the research field.

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A Rapidly-Growing Centre

In 2006, the CRHMR undertook a strategic redirection project that led to very positive results for the Centre.
The Centre has thus received major funding; recruited highly-qualified research investigators and signed a number of promising partnership agreements. In addition to these accomplishments, the impending construction of the Centre of Excellence for Cellular Therapy, the creation of the Nephrology Consortium and the Eye Centre are a testament of the quality of its research work and to its acknowledgement on behalf of partners and peers.

To learn more, visit our section on our recent accomplishments and development prospects

A technically advanced environment

Studying at the CRHMR will give you the opportunity to use facilities that are equipped with high-performance and specialized technology. Certain partnerships, established by each of the research axes, will also provide you with access to additional ultramodern equipment located in other centres and research institutes.

An Organized and Active Student Life

Meeting the needs of its students remains an on-going concern for the CRHMR. As such, there are two committees dedicated to maintaining an innovative and motivating environment:

  • A student committee that is responsible for liaising between students and members of management, and for ensuring that students receive training of the highest quality;
  • An academic activities committee that is responsible for organizing student activities.

As for the Student Association, it compiles student requests, provides answers to their questions, represents their interests and organizes social and recreational activities.

To learn more, visit our section on student life.

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