Recent Accomplishments and Development Prospects

A Rapidly Growing Centre!

In 2006, the CRHMR undertook a significant strategic redirection project that will continue for the next few years with the support of the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital and its foundation.

The objective: to become a leader in its four research areas by creating a culture that is centered on performance, innovation and partnerships.

A Leading Scientific Program
A Recruitment Policy Based on Excellence
Developing Partnerships

A leading Scientific Program

Following the appointment of Dr. Denis Claude Roy, as Director of Research, the CRHMR realigned the scientific programming of its 4 research axes around cellular and molecular therapy and regenerative medicine.

Recent successes testify to the relevance of the choices made:

FCI Leaders

  • In vivo and in vitro imaging platform for retinal cells, Dr. L Levin - $ 417K
  • BioFemto Vision Platform, Dr. I Brunette - $ 907K
  • High-throughput Molecular Screening Platform, Dr. D Ramotar - $ 562K
  • High-speed flow-cytometry platform, Drs N Labrecque and S Lesage - $ 436K
  • Microscopy platform: laser capture, Dr. M Sapieha - $ 350K
  • Photonics platform: femtosecond laser, Dr. C Santiago - $ 515K
  • Microscopy platform: confocal microscopy, Dr. S Chemtob - $ 830K
  • Microscopy platform: in vitro cell imaging, Dr. H Wurtele - $ 333K
  • Flow-Cytometry Platform: Multiparametric Analysis, Dr. JS Delisle - $ 523K
  • In-situ imaging platform: study of the development and function of T lymphocytes, Dr. H. Melichar - $ 515K

Major grants

  • Innovative Strategic Project - FRQ-S: Translational Platform in Cell Therapy - $ 2M
  • MESI - HoxB4 Project and Haematopoietic Stem Cells, Dr DC Roy - $ 0.5M
  • FRQ-S - Diagnosis of Graft-versus-Chronic Disease, Dr. J Roy - $ 0.9M
  • Génome Québec:
  1. Leucegene Project, Dr. J Hébert - $ 1.7M
  2. Personalized Cancer Immunotherapy Project, Drs. C Perreault and DC Roy - $ 13.4M
  3. Targeted Acute Myeloid Leukemia Project - Drs. G Sauvageau and J Hébert - $ 12M
  • Network of Centers of Excellence (NCE) in Canada - CellCAN, Dr. D. Roy - $ 3M
  • CIHR - Phase I / II Clinical Study Using UM-171 for Cord Blood Expansion - Dr. J Roy - $ 1,013M
  • Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute - Expansion of human cord blood hematopoietic stem cells with UM171 in a fed-batch culture system - Dr. Sandra Cohen - $ 1.25M
  • Network of Centers of Excellence (NCE) in Canada - C3i, Dr L Busque - $ 15M

Performance indicators

All the success described above have enabled the CRHMR to pursue its growth and development in line with the scientific program set up by its director, Dr. Denis Claude Roy. The few key statistics presented show a major improvement in the CRHMR's performance between 2006 and 2015:

  • 52% increase in the number of FTEs;
  • 127% increase in scholarships and grants awarded by peer committees;
  • 150% increase in the number of research scholars;
  • An overall increase of 42% in the number of students, particularly at the post-doctoral level, with a growth rate of 130%;
  • A major increase in the number of publications with peer committees, marked by a 96% increase, reflecting the exceptional productivity of our research teams;
  • Rating of excellence awarded by the FRQ-S in the 2016 evaluation.

These combined achievements will allow the CRHMR teams to continue conducting quality research work over the next few years.


A Recruitment Policy Based on Excellence

With the goal to consolidate and develop its research teams, the CRHMR has established a targeted recruitment policy that is coherent with its scientific program and that meets its standards for high performance.

Recent recruitment of 10 research investigators :

  • Dr Lisa Carlesso, Ph.D., Clinical research – orthopedics axis
  • Dr Kelley Kilpatrick, Ph.D., Nephrology research axis
  • Dr Bruno Larrivée, Ph.D., Vision health research axis
  • Dr Louis-Philippe Laurin, M.D., M.Sc., Nephrology research axis
  • Dr Frédérick-Antoine Mallette, Ph.D., Immunology-Oncology research axis
  • Dr Heather Melichar, Ph.D., Immunology-Oncology research axis
  • Dr Annie-Claude Nadeau-Fredette, M.D., M.Sc., Nephrology research axis
  • Dr Cristos Botopoulos, Ph.D., Vision health research axis
  • Dr Christopher Rudd, Ph.D., Immunology-Oncology research axis
  • Dr May Griffith, Ph.D, Vision health research axis

This policy will also serve to attract quality students in order to prepare the next generation of leading research investigators

If you wish to join our team, please visit our section on Careers and Internships.

Developing Partnerships

A number of partnerships have been recently established or are currently under way. These will allow research investigators to maximize their research findings: