Flow Cytometry

Martine Dupuis
(514) 252-3521

Flow cytometry is a technique that consists of streaming particles or cells before a laser beam. Fluorescent or scattered light emitted back serves to measure and analyze their physical characteristics; to identify subsets of cells; and to physically separate them (cell sorting).


  • Immunophenotyping;
  • Cell cycle;
  • Apoptosis analysis;
  • Intracellular calcium measuring;
  • Cell sorting;
  • Slide sorting (for clonal expansion), and in tubes of various sizes.

The Cytometry Program also provides users with training that is tailored to their particular needs, and consulting sessions when developing experimental protocols (choice of fluorochromes, control, types of markings, etc.).



  • Five analyzers:
    1. Two BD FACScalibur that can analyze 4 colors;
    2. One BD FACSCANTO that can analyze 6 colors.
    3. One BD LSR II equiped with four lasers that can analyze twelve parameters (10 colors).
    4. One BD Fortessa equiped with four lasers that can analyze eigthteen parameters (16 colors).
  • Cell sorting:
    1. BD FACS Aria III equipped with 4 lasers for a possibility of 16 colors
    2. AutoMACS Miltenyi Biotech
  •  Softwares avalaible: BD Cellquest Pro, BD DiVa, BD FCAP Array, Modfit (Verity Software) and FlowJo (Treestar)