Animal Supply Facility

Animal Supply Facility Chief of service:

Nathalie Tessier, M.Sc.
(514) 252-3400 ext. 3334


Fany DeWilde, TSA
(514) 352-3400 ext. 3564

President, Animal Care Committee:

Martin Guimond, Ph.D.
(514) 352-3400 ext. 7624

Although the application of animal use for experiments based on the triple “R” principle (reduction, replacement and refinement) thanks to closer use of cell cultures of microbial systems, computer simulations and many other techniques, the Animal Supply Facility remains a crucial and key technical support for all research investigators working at the Centre.

The Animal Supply Facility attaches special importance to animal well-being while meeting the research and training needs of the Centre. The Animal Care and Use Program is compliant with the regulations and the Good Animal Practice policy set forth by the Canadien Council on Animal Care (CCAC).

All projects must be authorized by the Animal Care Committee (ACC). Furthermore, users are obligated to complete the theoretical and practical training program given by the Centre in order to have the right to handle animals. The training program is supervised by the President of the Comité de Protection des Animaux, the veterinarian, the chief of service and the animal health technicians.

Services and Equipment

  • Shelter
  • tilated mouse cages (SPF environment)
  • 110 rat cages
  • Biosafety level 2
  • Quarantine
  • 2 rooms for larger mammals


  • Order and delivery of animals
  • Cage wash and retort sterilization
  • Cage preparation and change
  • Daily inspection


  • Colony management
  • Injections and feedings
  • Data recording and sampling
  • Anesthesia and surgery
  • Euthanasia

Specialized Rooms

  • A surgical ward for larger mammals
  • A surgical ward for mice
  • A surgical ward for rats
  • A handling room and metabolic cages
  • A in-vivo imaging room (IVIS)
  • An experimental room for hyperoxy, hypoxy protocols (Oxycycler)
  • A room for performing ophtalmic imaging (Electroretinograph and optical coherence tomography)


  • Animal health
  • User training
  • Scientific support