Leader: Dr Vincent Pichette, M.D., Ph.D.

Research studies conducted in the Nephrology Research Axis focus on the physiological and drug consequences of kidney failure and of hereditary kidney diseases.

Research Areas
Accomplishments and Recent Achievements
University Affiliations 

Research Areas

  • Pharmacology and kidney failure: repercussions of chronic kidney failure on drug transport and metabolism.
  • Genetics of kidney diseases: prevention and early treatment of hereditary kidney diseases;
  • Signaling and physiology: protein sorting and targeting.
  • Clinical research: a number of research projects are under way on predialysis, hemodialysis and kidney transplant.

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Investigators of the Nephrology Research Axis are members of the University of Montreal’s Nephrology Consortium. The MUHC and the Sacré-Cœur Hospital are equally members. The objective of the Consortium is to optimize the nephrology field of research in order to enable partners to collectively and individually improve their national and international competitiveness. The Consortium facilitates partnerships and exchanges between its members, including educational programs, recruitment and retention of nephrology research investigators.

Accomplishments and Recent Achievements

    • Recruitment of 3 researchers : Dr Kelly Kilpatrick, Ph.D., Dr Louis-Philippe Laurin, M.D., M.Sc. et Dr Annie-Claude Nadeau-Fredette, M.D., M.Sc.
    • A research fund of $1 million was obtained from industry, and was dedicated to supporting the axis development (recruitment, purchase of equipment, etc.);
    • A major benefit event organized, since 9 years, with the HMR Foundation, benefiting nephrology research conducted at the HMR.
    • Partnership agreement with PharmaNet to conduct phase 1 clinical studies in renal failure.


      In order to consolidate its role and development within the Consortium of Nephrology, the nephrology axis recruited three researchers. The forthcoming recruitment of Dr. Caroline Lamarche, currently in training (return expected in 2018) will come to concretize a new research area in immunotherapy and cell therapy. Indeed, her training will allow her to be a T-cell expert, especially in the manipulation of regulatory T lymphocytes aimed at establishing tolerance during renal transplantation.

      University Affiliations

      The research investigators of the Nephrology Research Axis are affiliated and carry out one or more course loads in the following departments and faculties of the University of Montreal:

      • Medicine,
      • Graduate and Postgraduate Studies,
      • Pharmacy,
      • Pharmacology,
      • Biomedical Sciences,
      • Biochemistry,
      • Physiology.