Clinical Research

Vice Director: Dr Pierre Dubé, M.D., M.Sc., F.R.C.P. (C)

With a hospital environment conducive to conducting clinical research that is committed to a scientific program which ensures a continuum between laboratory and patients, the CRHMR positions the Clinical Research Axis as a cross-disciplinary axis that is complimentary to the three main research axes of excellence. These include: immunology-oncology, nephrology and vision health. The Clinical Research Axis also has the mandate of providing support to the development of external clinical research and clinical trials conducted with private industry.

Research Areas
Accomplishments and Recent Achievements

Research Areas

  • Pharmacological development: conducted under strict ethical rules intended to protect patients, clinical trials aim to evaluate new or existing drug effects of biological treatments and medical devices that are likely to improve a disease. In addition to the Centre’s three axes of excellence, this area of research consists of the following clinical specialties: Cardiology, microbiology, anesthetics and intensive care, neurology, orthopedics, rheumatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, radiooncology, urology, and coagulation and hemostasis.
  • Translational research, tissue banks and registries: this area ensures the relationship between basic research and clinical research. Its pivotal role is optimized through the development of such tools as:
    • The Quebec Leukemia Cell Bank;
    • A kidney tissue bank;
    • A bank of colorectal cancers (in development);
    • Project Sentinelle – breast cancer program.
  • Evaluative research, technological development and pedagogical research: in addition to being a part of the scientific program of the Centre’s axes of excellence, this area deals with the fields of orthopedics and microbiology.

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Accomplishments and Recent Achievements


      The Clinical Research axis gathers around 25 research teams in a dozen medical specialties, enabling the continuous conduct of approximately 400 clinical trials and the initiation of 150 new trials each year, initiated by our researchers or by pharmaceutical companies.

      The Orthopedic Research Group currently has 2 clinical researchers (Drs. M Lavigne and PA Vendittoli) and a fundamentalist researcher (Dr F Desmeules). Clinical researchers are orthopedic doctors at the HMR. The CR-HMR has just recruited a physiotherapist Ph.D. in epidemiology and a professor at the University of Montreal Rehabilitation School (Dr Lisa Carlesso). The main objective of this group is to optimize the management and treatment of subjects with knee and hip joint degeneration.

      Over the next few years, the Clinical Research axis will play an increasingly central role in the development of research at the HMR. By establishing a common infrastructure to all axes and research teams, this axis will contribute to the achievement of the objectives of our axes of excellence.