Centre of Excellence for Cellular Therapy

The Centre of Excellence for Cellular Therapy (CETC)  at Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont (HMR) is a group of laboratories dedicated mainly to the manipulation of human cells for therapeutic purposes.

Operations are carried out in compliance with the regulations defining good manufacturing practices (see Standards and Certifications).

The CETC offers 3,066 m2 (33,000 sq. Ft.) of laboratories and workspaces meeting the highest standards of international regulatory organisations.

The CETC allows complex cell manipulations, especially on stem cells. The products prepared in these laboratories are of impeccable quality. This allows the development of new medical solutions to improve the health of individuals.

CETC is one of the international centers for the development of cell therapy and regenerative medicine. Efforts are concentrated in areas where the expertise of the HMR and its research center is already recognized, such as hemato-oncology (leukemia, lymphomas, myeloma), ophthalmology (m