Stéphane Lefrançois

Office Phone: 514-252-3400 ext. 5896
Fax: 514-252-3430
Lab Phone: 514-252-3400 ext. 3890

Research Axis  Nephrology
Research Unit  Intracellular Transport and Genetic Diseases


  • Associate Professor


  • B.Sc., McGill University
  • Ph.D., McGill University
  • Postdoctorate, National Institutes of Health


  • Junior 2 Investigator Grant , FRSQ.


The ongoing projects in the lab focus on the sorting and trafficking of proteins to the lysosomal compartment.

Our first aim is to elucidate the role of post-translational modifications such as palmitoylation on the trafficking of lysosomal sorting receptors.

The second project deals with the mechanism of recruitment of the machinery required for sorting and trafficking to Golgi membranes.

Our lab uses a variety of methods including immunoprecipitation, Western Blotting, cell culture, siRNA, molecular cloning, immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy including live cell imaging. 



Research associate:

  • Javier Mazzaferri

Research Assistant:

  • Karine Dumaresq-Doiron

Postdoctoral Intern:

  • Etiene Sauvageau

Ph.D. Student:

  • Félix Jules 
  • Graziana Modica 


Selected papers

Mazzaferri J, Costantino S and Lefrancois S. (2013) Analysis of AQP4 trafficking vesicle dynamics using a high content approach. Biophys J. 105:328-337

Dumaresq-Doiron K, Jules F and Lefrancois S (2013). Sortilin turnover is mediated by ubiquitination. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 433:90-95

Mamo A, Jules F, Dumaresq-Doiron K., Costantino S and Lefrancois S. (2012). The role of Ceroid Lipofuscinosis Neuronal protein-5 (CLN5) in lysosomal sorting and trafficking. Mol. Cell. Biol. 32:1855-1866
Mazzaferri J, Kunik D, Belisle J, Singh K, Lefrançois S, Costantino S (2011). Speckle contrast in HiLo microscopy. Optics Express 19:14508-14517

Dumaresq-Doiron K, Savard MF, Akam S, Costantino S and Lefrancois S. The phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase PI4KIIIa is required for the recruitment of GBF1 to Golgi membranes. Journal of Cell Science, 123:2273-2280.

McCormick PJ, Dumaresq-Doiron K,  Pluviose A-S,  Pichette V,  Tosato G and Lefrancois S (2008). Palmitoylation controls recycling in lysosomal sorting and trafficking.Traffic, 9:1984-1997.

Canuel M, Lefrançois S, Zeng J and Morales CR (2008). AP-1 and retromer play opposite roles in the trafficking of sortilin between the TGN and lysosomes. Biochem Biophys Res Commun, 366:724-730.

Lefrançois S and McCormick PJ (2007). The ArfGEF, GBF1, is required for the recruitment of GGAs to Golgi membranes. Traffic, 8:1440-1451.

Lefrançois S, Canuel M, Zeng J and Morales CR (2005). Inactivation of sortilin (a novel lysosomal sorting receptor) by dominant negative competition and RNA interference. Biol. Proced. Online, 7:17-25.

Lefrançois S, Janvier K, Boehm M, Ooi CE, Bonifacino, JS (2004). An Ear-Core Domain Interaction Regulates the Recruitment of the AP-3 Complex to Membranes. Dev Cell, 7:619-625.

Lefrançois S, Zeng J, Hassan AJ, Canuel M, Morales CR (2003). The lysosomal trafficking of sphingolipid activator proteins (SAPs) is mediated by sortilin. EMBO, J 22:6430-6437.

Lefrançois S, May T, Knight C, Bourbeau D and Morales CR (2002). The lysosomal transport of prosaposin requires the conditional interaction of its highly conserved D domain with sphingomyelin. J Biol Chem, 277:17188-17199. 

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  • CIHR
  • Alzheimer Society of Canada
  • Sick Kids Foundation
  • FRQS
  • HMR Foundation