Santiago Costantino

Office Phone: 514-252-3400 ext. 4958
Fax: 514-251-7094
Lab Phone: 514-252-3400 ext. 6295

Research Axis  Vision Health
Research Unit  Biophotonics


  • Assistant Professor


  • M. Sc., Physics, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Ph. D., Physics, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Postdoctorate, Biophysics, McGill University.


My research is based on the applications of laser science and microscopy to biomedical research.

On a microscopic scale we develop methods to image and engineer artificial microenvironments for cell science. We fabricate protein patterns for cell guidance using optical methods and we work on cell nanosurgery on single axons.

On a macroscopic we work on the applications of femtosecond lasers for eye surgery. We develop methods to improve the spatial accuracy of laser dissections and the optimize the femtosecond laser parameters for corneal transplantation.


Ph.D. Students:

  • Jonathan Bélisle
  • Kanwarpal Singh


  • Dario Kunik
  • Miheala Anca Marian
  • Carolyne Dion 

selected papers

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J. Bélisle, S. Costantino, M.L. Leimanis, M.J. Bellemare, D.S. Bohle, E. Georges, PW. Wiseman
Sensitive Detection of Malaria Infection by Third Harmonic Generation Imaging. BIOPHYS. J.
94:L26-L28 (2008)

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Costantino S., Martinez O.E., Torga J.R. Wide band interferometry for thickness measurement. OPT EXPRESS 11 (8): 952-957 (2003).




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